Combat System

How the combat system works

In order to engage in battle, all characters have something known as an “armor class’ Which is a rating of their vulnerability (how easy is it to hit this character with an attack?). The reason for the AC is for combat rolls with our RNG system. Players must agree upon conditions of winning before combat may take place. Combat may occur anywhere on the site, there is no designated location for combat unless it is part of an event.

  • What is my character’s Armor Class?
    • All characters start out with an AC of 10. You may increase this by leveling up constitution-based skills (maximum of 5 points) or with an item. The highest AC you can have is an 18 total.
  • Example of how this works without a hit:
    • Bob rolls to attack Sally
      Sally’s AC is 15
      Bob rolls a 12 and does not have any bonuses to add to this roll
      Bob’s attack doesn’t hit Sally
      Bob’s player writes about the attack and Sally writes about how the attack was missed
  • Example of how this works with a successful hit:
    • Sally rolls to attack Bob
      Bob’s AC is 13
      Sally rolls an 18
      Sally’s attack will hit bob
      Sally rolls for damage on a “damage chart” and rolls a 15
      A 15 will hit Bob on the shoulder
      Sally’s player writes about the attack, and Bob writes about the attack and the wound he receives

      In this scenario Bob’s player can determine the severity of injuries, the RNG system is meant only to serve to answer these questions: Was my attack successful/Was my character hit? Where was my character hit?

  • What about blocking attacks?
    • Each participant in a battle gets 1 free block unless they have purchased an additional blocking token. Participants may only use a total of 3 blocks in a battle (that means you may only purchase and use 2 in any given battle)Blocks will be treated the exact same as if they were a missed attack. This flow is “rinse and repeat” until the conditions of winning are met. The RNG system will help determine the winner without needing to do a comparative analysis of the players writing.

The Damage Chart

The damage chart serves to only call out the area where a character was hit.

  1. 1-4 Front or Back Legs
  2. 5-7 Barrel
  3. 8-9 Flank
  4. 10-15 Chest or Shoulders
  5. 16-20 Head or Neck above chest/shoulders